On this page we have gathered videos of talks given by our members and others connected with the Balaton Group.


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Satish Kumar – Soil, Soul, Society as response to coronavirus (2020)

Isak Stoddard – Reading, Writing, Revolution – on the revolutionary implications of carbon arithmetic (2020)

Sanjay Prakash – Architecture: An integral technology (2020)

Dennis Meadows – The Limits to Growth (on Peak Prosperity’s Featured Voices) (2019)

Elizabeth Sawin – The Power of Multisolving for People and Climate (2019)

Sanjay Prakash – Living Cities (2018)

Ashok Gadgil – Getting the Smoke Out of Our Eyes (2017)

Laszlo Pinter – The Reflexive Community (2016)

Aromar Revi – Cities can save us (2015)

Alan AtKisson – How to be a more effective agent of change (2014)

Graeme Maxton – Nine billion and equality (2014)

David Satterthwaite – How to ensure that aid empowers urban poor groups (2013)

Gwendolyn Hallsmith – Economics of Happiness (2013)

Richard Heinberg – The Story of More (2013)

Dennis Meadows – Perspectives on the Limits of Growth: It is too late for sustainable development (2012)

Amory Lovins – A 40-year plan for energy (2012)

Alexander Chikunov – The world needs heroes! (2012)

Hunter Lovins – The Madrone Project (2011)

Hunter Lovins – Entrepreneuring the Green Economy (2011)

Ashok Gadgil – Educational pursuits of compassion (2011)

Junko Edahiro – “De” Generation (2011)

Bob Costanza – Creating a sustainable and desirable future (2010)

Tim Jackson – An economic reality check (2010)

Drew Jones – A hopeful trajectory for Climate Change (2009)

Amory Lovins – We must win the oil endgame (2008)

Donella Meadows – Sustainable Systems (1999)

Donella Meadows – Envisioning a Sustainable World (1994)