The official name of the Balaton Group is the International Network of Resource Information Centers (INRIC). It is a tax-exempt organization with the U.S. government under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

INRIC, or the Balaton Group, is governed by a Steering Committee elected from its active membership. The Steering Committee serves as the Board of Directors and appoints the Executive Officers.

Steering Committee members are elected on a rotating basis to fill three-year terms. The Steering Committee meets twice a year to consider the business of the Group and decide the topic for the next annual Balaton Group Meeting. Steering Committee members are elected at each annual meeting. The qualification for nomination are attendance of two of the last three annual meetings and a willingness to serve the Group for a period of three years.

Board of Directors

Wim Hafkamp, the Netherlands
Gillian Martin Mehers, Switzerland 

Riichiro Oda, Japan

Board of Directors
Cristina Apetrei, Romania
Emelia Arthur, Ghana
David Berry, USA
Justine Braby, Namibia
Cuauhtemoc León, Mexico
Dennis Meadows, USA
Miklós Persányi, Hungary
László Pintér, Hungary
Jan Sendzimir, Austria
Chirapol Sintunawa, Thailand

Special Advisors
Alan AtKisson, Sweden
Valdis Bisters, Latvia
Joan Davis, Switzerland
Junko Edahiro, Japan
Tom Fiddaman, USA
Gyöngyvér Gyene, Hungary
John Holmberg, Sweden
Karan Khosla, India
Hermann Knoflacher, Austria
Eike Messow, Germany
Niels Meyer, Denmark
Jørgen Nørgård, Denmark
Aromar Revi, India
John Richardson, USA
Any Sulistyowati, Indonesia
Linda Booth Sweeney, USA
Harald Sverdrup, Sweden
Natalia Tarasova, Russia
Bert de Vries, Netherlands
Stephanie Weis-Gerhardt, Germany
Robert Wilkinson, USA
Diana Wright, USA