The Balaton Group generates new research, new action and new solutions for sustainability. We believe that through systems thinking, networking, communication and envisioning we can make a huge change for the better in global sustainability. We think of systems in terms of natural resources - advocating their use only at rates that permit them to regenerate or be replaced by renewable alternatives.

Donella and Dennis Meadows – authors of The Limits to Growth – founded the Balaton Group in 1982. The proven mix of systems thinking, mutual professional support, and informal creative exchange continues to generate positive solutions through collaboration.

The Balaton Group is named for Lake Balaton in Hungary, where meetings have been held for most of the past 30 years. Its official name is the International Network of Resource Information Centers. We are an international network of researchers and practitioners in fields related to systems and sustainability.

The Balaton Group accelerates and deepens the world's general understanding of three factors that are fundamental to sustainable development: a systems orientation, a long-term perspective, and an unshakeable personal commitment to achieving positive change.